Everyone loves gardening, we stock a large range.

Inverell H Hardware carries top quality Spear & Jackson garden hand tools made with the gardener in-mind. With a wide variety of products you can be sure of always keeping your plants and shrubs satisfied, and choosing quality doesn't mean having to dig deep. Our extensive range offers excellent performance and great value. These are the type of garden tools you will have for a long time, and are a great long term investment - the kind of tools handed down from generation to generation, guaranteed for up to 25 years of hard work and certain to please the most discerning professional. Inverell H Hardware can service your requirements and make sure you get what you need fast and at competitive prices.


Below are some of the products we sell, come instore to see the rest.

  • Garden Gloves,
  • Insect Screens,
  • Hoses,
  • Water Accessories,
  • Trellis,
  • Gutter Guard,
  • Landscaping Edging,
  • Tree Guards.
  • Garden Decore,
  • Mulches,
  • Composts,
  • Weed Sprays,
  • Pest.
  • Lawn Care,
  • Fertilizers,
  • Pruner,
  • Lawn Food,
  • Defender,
  • Roundup,
  • Osmocote,
  • Lawn Builder.
  • Pots Planters & Indoors
  • Roses, Gardenias, Camellias and Azaleas
  • Vegetable, Tomato, Herb and Garden Beds
  • Fruit, Citrus, Trees & Shrubs
  • Native Gardens
  • Osmocote® Organic Plus Garden Soil
  • Water Gardens & Aquatic Plants
  • Soil Improving.
  • Rich Organic Compost,
  • Chicken Manure,
  • Cow Manure,
  • Blood and Bone,
  • Gypsum,
  • Fish and Seaweed,
  • Iron,
  • Zeolitr

There are no products listed under this category.