We commit to supplying you the right tool for the trade your in.

From our local store in Inverell we have been passionately servicing this unique piece of Australia for more than 10 years. We stock a wide range of Hand ToolsPower Tools and leading brands so you can be sure you will find exactly the tool you need to get your job done.

Need a solution, ask our experienced staff to help. We are ready to offer specialist advice and quality service with local knowledge unrivalled within the area. Our staff's high level of customer service set us apart from the big box stores and makes Inverell H Hardware the place you shoudl visit to get your power and hand tools.  

As part of Australia’s largest independent hardware and tools buying group the HBT you can be confident we have the best prices and widest range available, if we dont have it we can get it in for you just ask our team. Check out some of our range below or come instore and see it all;

•Tool box or bucket
•Nail apron with hammerholster
•Claw hammer (20 oz.)
•Framing square (must have raftertable)
•Chalk line & Chalk
•¼” x 6” straight blade screwdriver
•#2 Phillips screwdriver
•Combination or speed square
•Utility knife with blades
•Wood chisel set ¼” – 1”
•Sharpening stone 1”x3”
•#1 and #2 nail set
•Stair gauge
•Cats paw
•Bevel square
•Hand saws (cross & rip)
•3/8” variable speed drill
•25’ extension cord
•Ripping or flat bar
•Scratch awl
•24” builder’s level
•Block plane
•Plumb bob
•Tin snips
•Caulking gun
•10” joint knife
•Coping saw and fine blades
•8” end cutters
•Vinyl zip tool
•Vinyl lock punch
•12” vinyl snips
•1 ½” putty knife
•1/16” – ¼” drill bit set
•¼” – 1” spade bit set
•#2 Phillips screwdriver bit for drill
•Measuring tape ( 1” x 25’ )


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